A revolution in German tax returns

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Your right-hand in tax preparation

Tax advisors are known for their expertise and reliability — that’s why we offer you the PREMIUM package, which gives you full access to a tax advisor’s support via the Taxando app.

Our officially certified tax advisor takes care of everything by: checking your tax return, advising you, answering any questions and providing you unique tax tips.

Like magic!

Life is a breeze until… the Finanzamt comes knocking. And with this comes worry and questions.

We know the feeling very well: “Why me?! Why now!?! Especially while I’m on holiday!” Relax! We have the PREMIUM package with the dedicated tax consultant. We take over the contact with the tax office. We’ve got you covered.

Your seat belt
for taxes! ...

Im Auto schnallst du dich an. Klar, es kann ja immer etwas passieren. Kleine Fehler gehören zum Leben.

Jetzt stell dir aber vor, einen Sicherheitsgurt gibt es auch bei uns. Mit einer Zusatzversicherung schnallen wir dich automatisch an, für eine sichere und staufreie Fahrt nach “Steuererstattung”.

6 out of 10 love Taxando variety & security!

Taxando is the best tax app in Germany. We offer two different options: STANDARD (self-service) and PREMIUM (with tax advices). Our clients value the sense of security and often choose the option, in which a Polish-German online tax advisor provides assistance during the entire tax accounting process.

The whole tax service in one app

All formalities and data transmission are carried out by Taxando. You save time, nerves and money. Additionally, you get:

Your Taxando performance guarantee

You will receive a guarantee from us, including all correspondence (also appeal against decision).

Are you still thinking about the PREMIUM package?

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