We guarantee security

We are crazy about security. That’s why you can sleep safe and sound. You are in good hands. Your data is safe and will be sent securely. This is our highest priority.

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Official communication with the office via the Elster protocol

When preparing a tax return through Taxando, you can be sure that all data is transmitted via the official Elster protocol. After filing your return, you will also receive an official confirmation of receipt. The document looks the same as in the official version of the software.

Data encryption

The security of the data provided to us is our highest priority. That’s why we use advanced data encryption algorithms when transmitting it to our application and to the Finanzamt tax office. You can rest assured.

Taxando is made up of professionals

The application is under the constant care of experienced and certified tax advisers in Germany. They make sure that the substantive value of Taxando is as high as possible. In addition,, they know the procedures at local Finanzamt offices well, which improves the quality of communication.

The lawyer keeps his finger on the pulse

Our data processing policy as well as the regulations and terms of service are constantly updated and improved by qualified lawyers with qualifications and extensive experience in the field of law in modern technologies. We operate in accordance with the latest GDPR guidelines.

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Do you have questions regarding your data?

Write to us at: [email protected]

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