Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes, you will be shown the expected tax refund.

Steuererklärung app

Yes, the tax return is sent electronically to the tax office via the ELSTER protocol.

No. TAXANDO helps you to enter the tax data correctly. Thanks to our practical app, this complex process becomes very easy for you.
Yes, as soon as the tax return is filled out, you can choose a payment method and submit the tax return to the tax office for a price of 33.8 euros.

Yes, for example, if you work in England and Germany, you can use our software without any problems.

Once the tax return has been sent, you must wait for the decision of the tax office. This usually takes between two weeks and four months from the time the tax return is sent.

No. You can submit your tax return completely electronically – just the way the tax office likes it.

Yes, our basic version is free. You pay only for PREMIUM and STEUER package.