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Einstein might say: “The hardest thing to understand in the world is income tax…” But he didn't have Taxando.

We say: “The easiest thing in the world is income tax!”
Sending your tax return to the German tax office is quick & easy with Taxando and the support of our dedicated tax advisors.

Are you mobile?

So are we: with both iOs and Android Apps. You can also use Taxando with Android Webview.

Instant results: you know where you stand

Enter your data, and Taxando will calculate the estimated tax on the spot.

Keep it simple

Simply upload a photo or PDF of your tax card to the app. Taxando will do the rest for you.

High Ratings & Reviews

Our subscribers give Taxando on average 4.6 out of 5 stars.

1007 EUR in your pocket

By filling out the tax return you can receive an average of EUR 1007 refund.

We’re ready to help!

Do you have a technical problem? We respond quickly, and our dedicated advisors handle problems on an individual basis.

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German Tax Return online software

The early bird
catches the worm!

Your tax return is transmitted electronically via the ELSTER protocol, at the highest level of security to the appropriate tax office. Taxes and software development are our passion … give us a try!

Live calculator

Find out what you can expect before you file your tax return.

Quick & Hassle-free

With Taxando you only need 15 minutes to prepare your tax return. You save more time for more important things!

Fast electronic tax assessment

You will receive an electronic tax assessment from Taxando and therefore you do not have to wait for the letter from the tax office.

We guarantee security

We're crazy about security. That's why you can sleep peacefully - your data is safe and in good hands.

Let us convince you

We are only satisfied when you are. Still not convinced? Take a free, test drive!

Free trial

You can test Taxando for free. Payment is only required to use the STANDARD or STEUER++ package. There is also a basic, free version of the app.

A big plus
for STEUER++!

Taxando offers an option to prepare your tax return with the assistance of a certified tax advisor — 100% online. Your tax return will be checked for accuracy by officially certified experts. With the support of an advisor, you can often get a larger tax refund and have more time to file your return.

Higher tax refund

Our certified advisors will suggest what deductions you can still use. As a result, you may get a refund increase of up to EUR 980.

You get a guarantee

In the STEUER++ package we guarantee the accurracy of the tax declaration, checked by our officially certified advisors.

Taxando's got you covered!

Our adviser takes matters into his own hands and represents you in the event of tax office enquires.

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