Discount Codes - Terms

Terms of cooperation with Taxando GMBH in the distribution of discount codes of the application


1. The issuer of the code is the company Taxando Gmbh with its seat in Berlin.

2. The code is distributed through the Partners‘ media

3. The partner receives an individual and assigned to him rebate code, consisting of

 with 5 letters and numbers. The code is unique for each Publisher.

4. The code has a specific validity, 24 months from the date of issue.

5. The rebate code can be used in the app when purchasing a package. The code is entered

in the „chceckout“ window.

6. The code entitles the user to reduce the basic price by 10 EUR gross.

7. Codes cannot be combined.

8. For each use of the code, the Publisher will receive a commission of 10 EUR Gross from Taxando GmbH.

9. Payment is made quarterly on the basis of a  statement from the system

by Taxando GMBHH. The statement shows the value and number of uses of the code.

10. The publisher undertakes to invoice Taxando GmbH on the basis of the received invoice


11. Payment is made to the Partner`s bank account within 7 days

12. Any additional arrangements must be made in writing

13. These regulations are valid from 01/12/2021